Michael Benz
Creative visual projects in Photography + Digital Design.

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Okay, now dig deep, friend. Give us your vision, in at lease three sentences., of your musical project or persona. What type of aesthetic direction are you trying to follow? Are you dark and mysterious? Are you wacky and off kilter? Do you juggle flaming chainsaws while playing an MPC? Its okay to refer to anything here - colours, images, other musicians brands. If something inspires you, tell us about it.
If you want some of yourself to shine through, rather than just your artist persona, tell us about who you are as a person. No need for huge amounts of detail, but whatever part of yourself you want to broadcast to the musical world, we can incorporate into your press kit.
Catch us up to your current artistic self. Remember, promoters and booking agents want to know what you’ve been up to, what kind of artistic output you’ve been creating. So what have you been focusing on in the last year or so to build up to your next big festival, gallery spot or club gig? What have you been polishing up to proudly display to the world? This will help us keep your press kit fresh and current.
Now give us your artistic bedrock, the influences and inspirations that sent you off on your life’s musical journey. What records did your Mom play growing up? Did your uncle play in a jug band? How many hours have you spent listening to Stevie Wonder in headphones? Please be descriptive here, so we can help your musical foundations show in all their wonder to interested parties.
Finally, help us understand your immediate goal for this electronic press kit. In (exactly-ish) 20 words, tell us what you hope to achieve with your EPK.