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Explore with Amos x Meraki Supply Co

Amos Brand Goods is a leather wear company that I have been working very closely with over the last three months. Based out of Wisconsin, USA  they craft and design probably the best collections of leather goods that I have personally owned in a very long time. Very reasonable pricing for the goods they offer along with the quality of a premium leather product, its a perfect match.
I have been using their wallets on rotation for the last three months, as the leather wears it has such an amazing character to it, especially since it started with a very crude and raw leather, now it is completely silky smooth with beautiful wear marks.

I had the pleasure of taking most of the lineup that they offer on a very catered Explore session with some friends off to Johnston Canyon in Banff National park. It is such an amazing walk through the vegetation up there, beautiful moss, intact and fallen trees, and the rocks are absolutely beautiful. This was the perfect location for me to bring all of these goods as you can see in the images I brought back. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Along with that Chelesa Risling also was along for the ride with us, she is the shop owner for the forthcoming shop Meraki Supply Co. opening into the landscape of Kensington this July. It is specifically an adventure shop where you can find all the goods that you need to do some exploring of your own, along with urban goods for when you're in the grind.

I'm very excited to continue the relationship with both, as well as a little inform on what is going on in my life currently. Stoked to get going with the summer! It has begun!