Michael Benz
Creative visual projects in Photography + Digital Design.


Bassbus Presents: Tarot

Tarot was an amazing time, its very rare that a party encapsulates the patrons and creates a vibe of its own. That's exactly how it felt, a perfect depiction of a vision set in place by The Dirty Gramaphones with Bassbus.
I mean, I have documented a ton of parties over the years, some mesh together, some are completely unmemorable in my memory. Tarot however was one that really set itself apart from the rest, creating a vivid memory in my mind strengthened by the feel of the images I captured.

Bassbus as well as The Dirty Gramaphones really know whats up in terms of the EXPERIENCE, a very rare thing to find across the large landscape of events in Calgary.

Take a look at my favorite images from the night, some great portraits in here!