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Market Collective x Folk Fest

I had a blast of a weekend!
Market Collective invited me down to come and photograph the event that they were collaborating on with Folk Fest, held at Eau Claire Market. Market Collective was celebrating their 6 year anniversary, this event however was my third time down.

The dynamic that encapsulates the running of the event is really something that I can appreciate. Topping all of it, the organization was on spot and, as an events coordinator myself, it was astounding how smoothly it underwent, MAJOR props to Angel on this one.  Alongside the tornado of positivity that was displayed by both the booth runners, as well as the patrons was absolutely immense! I personally brought a few friends down to the event and they were extremely impressed by the actual content and uniqueness of each of the booth runners. There was everything from custom illustration work, to jewelry to a ton of very unique pieces that were a hybrid of both. It really got me to realize the amazing amount of talent and creative individuals that we have in this city. It astounds me every day with music, but on Saturday it definitely became a more prominent thought, talent is everywhere.

That is where I will get to the music... It was rad! Coming from a more electronic taste myself, it was astounding seeing the sheer amount of variety and talent from every act. Every act tickled a different fancy of mine in some form or another. Indie to dance it was great, every second of it, and in my opinion I had a lot more of an love for the music held at Market Collective than what I saw at Folk Fest itself. My favorites, Dominic Pierce and Mark Mills blew me away in completely different ways. Mark Mills is a wonderful artist, passion filled songs, great and relevant stories to go with them, and an amazing stage presence and interaction. Dominic Pierce I personally have seen a couple times at DJ shows at the HIFI, and every single time I see this dude play its vastly different then before. The amount of variety that he goes through with his tracks is insane, along with the sheer digestibility of all that music really bridges some gaps in getting people who don't understand DJ's and electronic music to become more warm towards them

 Welcome To The West as well as Incandecent Cloud deserves a ton of mention as well. The stage was just wonderful, and so creative in the sense that it brought out my inner child. The stage itself was a project undertaken by, Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett and structured by  Brendan Kane. The first time I saw it it reminded me nothing but a tequila sunrise, a very suiting stage for the heat included in that weekend. The last Market Collective had one that was old renovation rips from a house, old windows, wood, weathered housing pieces. I loved both of them instantly, which is sometimes rare for me because usually I see similar production at most shows that I cover so I usually glaze past it. This is why Brenden, Caitlind, Wayne & Ben deserve unbelievable mention, for the amount of work they put in and the unique aesthetic that is the product is absolutely astounding. 

Enough opinions!

Heres all my favorite frames from the weekend. Hope you enjoy!