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HIFI New Years 2014.

2014 was an amazing year. I learned a lot about myself, matured, focused on what is important, let loose, loved and understood. This was the first year in my career as a Creative to actually 'Work' on New Years Eve, I've always steered away from it, but this year was the perfect party that I couldn't sit out.

Sabota, Max Ulis, Isis Graham, Sergio Levels, Cam Crimson and Kroun were on the bill.

Sabota is an absolutely amazing live act from Vancouver, that I have had the pleasure of covering at HIFI for the Bass Coast Mutiny Tour in the summer, as well as at Bass Coast. Max and Robbie are the sweetest dudes, super warm heated and amazingly talented. Their debut release is out on Hybridity Music, and is Self-Titled. I urge you to check it out. Its stellar all the way through.

Not to mention my girl alongside some great friends and staples in legendary music, the Northern Lights Residents, Sergio Levels, Cam Crimson & Jade Krogh. These dudes are always on point, a serious inspiration on what I do musically with Noctilux, Modern Math and Northern Lights are some of the best parties Calgary has ever been faced with, much love to you all.