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PDF Power

In the last few months, I have been really drawn to building PDF's, one of the most powerful documents you can get made up. These days, a simple writeup and a blog article doesn't suffice for me. PDF's give you a very professional approach to sharing information spanning all sorts of media.

With PDF's, audio, video, graphics, animation and links are all very possible to include. Press releases, resume's, electronic press kits for artists, or even proposals are absolutely amazing to look at and use with a PDF built in Adobe's InDesign. It allows you to present a very vast picking of media in one centralized file, so no need to make people hunt for content, audio and such, its all right here, in one place.

Here are a few images to show what exactly I'm on about. This is the most recent Noctilux Collective release, administered by myself, and created by my close friends Josh Desjardins (Wolf Camo), Jamie Tulloch (Sanctuary), Blaine Kingcott (Metafloor) and Kiefer Gasparovic (Bambooloo). Its a really great collection of music, on the bass side.

Or better yet, download the press release HERE. Its about 70MB due to the audio embedding, take a cruise through, use the links and feel this one out.
Be sure to open this document in Adobe Acrobat DC, very crucial!