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Katie Armor x Dani Lil-Drgns joined me a few weeks ago for a very interesting personal project. We all really wanted to get together, and create some form of art, and we finally did.

A lot of the art that I create all has one commonality, CHAOS. I leave a lot of strings loose, with a lot of aspects to go along with the aesthetic, leaving those completely open to what I am feeling during the shoot. Katie Armor mentioned how much of an "enigma" that I am, leaving a lot of details unsaid, and open.  No expectations is one mindset that I have when going into a creative project, uniqueness is the key, between the subject and the outcome, and going into it with a very open mind, is key. Katie provided the paints and the antlers.

Lately I am really loving the mixture of black and red, giving a certain punch that is not emulated by any other color combination.

Take a look at the final product.


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